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With a simplified and improved software interface and a carefully curated range of powerful treatments that give incredible results without scary side effects; results that give you confidence, that work with your body to help promote a slimmer appearance, and aid in the beautification of skin while encouraging a balanced approach to improving your physique

Five Skin and Body options to Elevate your Experience

Neveskin™ is made by the people who brought you Cryoskin™ – the clinically proven beauty device that promotes a slimmer more toned appearance. With more power, performance and precision, you can expect incredible results in up to half the time.

Shape: To help slim and contour.
Tone: To help tone and shape.
Smooth: To help even out imperfections and reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Soothe: To help ease soreness and discomfort.
Facials: To help brighten, shape, smooth, and soothe.
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Neveskin™ Facials Sessions are expertly crafted to enhance brightness, define contours, and provide firming and shaping effects. The Neveskin™ range brings a significant expansion to our facial care portfolio, featuring a total of eight specialized protocols. Each of these protocols is meticulously designed for exclusive application with the Neveskin™ facial wand, ensuring precise and effective treatment tailored to individual skincare needs.



Neveskin™ Tone sessions are innovatively designed to firm and smooth the skin, employing an exclusive manual wand for precise application. During each session, a cold massage technique is utilized to not only smooth but also shape and firm the skin, diminishing the visibility of imperfections and enhancing skin texture.

The application of cold temperatures during Neveskin™ Tone sessions boosts microcirculation and stimulates collagen production, effectively toning, smoothing, and shaping areas that lack elasticity, leading to a visibly rejuvenated and sculpted appearance.

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Neveskin™ Shape sessions, an integral part of the Neveskin™ portfolio, are innovatively designed to redefine body contours with hands-free convenience and precision. These sessions utilize advanced static heads, allowing for an ergonomic, consistent placement throughout the treatment, ensuring optimal results.

The static Shape sessions mirror the benefits of manual sessions, offering a seamless and efficient experience. This unique approach enables simultaneous static and facial treatments, including versatile two-part static sessions, expanding the possibilities of body contouring and enhancement.

Each session is a testament to Neveskin™'s commitment to delivering tailored, effective solutions for individual body shaping needs.



Neveskin™ Smooth sessions are meticulously crafted to contour and smooth the skin, exclusively using static heads for application. These sessions skillfully utilize alternating hot and cold temperatures to promote a slimmer look and effectively smooth out targeted areas.

Additionally, Neveskin™ Smooth aids in boosting circulation and naturally stimulates the lymphatic system. This helps in reducing water retention and expelling trapped toxins that exacerbate cellulite appearance, while simultaneously enhancing overall well-being.

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Neveskin™ Soothe Sessions represent a significant enhancement to our existing protocol suite, specifically tailored to alleviate discomfort. These sessions are exclusively conducted using a specialized manual wand, ensuring targeted and effective application.

Within the Neveskin™ Soothe portfolio, there are ten distinct protocols available, each meticulously developed to address a wide range of universal indications, offering comprehensive solutions for soothing and relaxation.


Dual Treatments

Neveskin™ Ultra offers game-changing convenience with its four hands-free static wands which now make it possible to receive simultaneous face and body treatments for double the results in half the time.

This is an option for anyone receiving a body treatment using the static wands and may be combined with any facial treatment. Now, with Neveskin™ Ultra, you can achieve head-to-toe shaping, toning, and anti-aging in under an hour.

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"Neveskin™ redefines skin perfection, offering an unparalleled range of solutions that soothe, smooth, tone, and shape, transforming your skincare routine into an extraordinary journey towards unparalleled beauty and confidence."

Neveskin™ Reviews

Neveskin™ Reviews feature a multitude of positive testimonials, underscoring the transformative impact and remarkable efficacy of Neveskin™'s cutting-edge skincare solutions.