About iCRYO

The History

iCRYO launched in October 2015 and is setting the standard for the cryotherapy industry. Education, training, and safety are the 3 keys to the success of this business. Cryotherapy is rapidly becoming popular with the masses, and iCRYO will disrupt the market with our franchise system. iCRYO is pioneering the success of entrepreneurs that need a turn-key solution.

The Mission

Elevate the lifestyle of our team members and guests by providing professional, affordable, and convenient recovery services while raising the bar in the health and wellness industry.

The Culture

Our Company Culture is centered around the passion we have for increasing the quality of life for our guests. We work as a team in all aspects of our daily operations to provide professional, affordable, and convenient services to the masses. With accountability on all levels and productivity throughout our organization, we can provide our guests with the most exceptional cryotherapy experience they deserve.

We strive to maintain an open culture with team values in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing their creative ideas and opinions. CO-Founders Bill and Kyle Jones lead by using a “coaching approach” and instilling in every employee that we are all one team that collaborates daily to create more solutions, not more problems. We feel this creates opportunities for “fewer mistakes and more victories” for our organization.

The iCRYO Story

The Brand

Kyle has always been the spitting image of what true health and wellness looks like inside and out. Growing up as a multi-sport athlete from 4 years old, it was always natural to live a health-conscious lifestyle. Thriving in football through high school, he gained awareness from various colleges. Achieving a full-ride scholarship split between athletics and academics, Kyle went on to play Division II football as a quarterback in college. This leadership role enhanced Kyle’s ability to be a natural-born leader to his peers. College was a turning point for Kyle as his passion for overall wellness was at an all-time high. His vision of being a college or pro athlete started to diminish. He began to take his competitive nature in other sports such as Powerlifting and Bodybuilding. After spending five years powerlifting winning 2 National Titles, and another five years Bodybuilding achieving his Pro Card with the GBO, Kyle was resilient in always conquering anything he set his mind to. 

Dialing in on nutrition and how the body truly operated to the cellular level is when things started to get interesting for him. He transferred to Texas State University to pursue a fulfilling life in Exercise Sports Science & kinesiology. He double-majored in Business Management as his entrepreneurial spirit was acquired by his father and has always been ingrained in his DNA. Attaining his ungraduated degree and merging into a doctorate level of schooling for Physical Therapy was next on Kyles’ list of achievements. This came to a halt in 2012 after Kyle got a job at a local physical therapy clinic. His life would change forever. A patient of his introduced him to cryotherapy. Kyle was one of the first in the United States to access cryotherapy in 2012. As he dug deeper into the science, he realized he was onto something life-changing. He put his entire life on hold after he helped integrate cryotherapy into the physical therapy clinic as he believed this could be something greater than he had ever imagined. After managing the cryotherapy division of the clinic for roughly three years, he decided to go out on his own to open what we now know as the global recovery and wellness brand, iCRYO! At only 24 years old, this young man took a leap of faith and pioneered an industry that was untouched, opening the first iCRYO location in his hometown of League City, Texas, in October of 2015. 

The Franchise

As Kyle opened the first iCRYO location, he leaned on the mentors in his life for guidance as he was still a young adult with minimal years of business experience. His father, Bill Jones, had always played a huge role in his life as that one person he could lean on for anything. Bill had a vast background in business management. After spending some time picking Kyles’s brain about what the vision of iCRYO was for years to come, he realized the diamond in the rough that Kyle had his hands on. Bill’s background goes back decades of being with companies that scaled to hundreds of locations and owning several businesses that worked in all 50 states. His network and knowledge to scale were a huge part of where he envisioned iCRYO could go.

Kyle and Bill spending every waking day together led to the idea of creating one of the world’s first cryotherapy franchise models. At this point in time there wasn’t a company that had created a proven franchise model for this industry. Kyle brought the knowledge of this therapies that would be included in the franchise model and Bill brought the business acumen that could help create something to legitimately scale. This fierce father son duo was not a force to be wrecking with. In 2017 they created the first version of the iCRYO Franchise System and launched the franchise September 11th that year with the Headquarters landing in Houston, Texas. Their journey had just begun. Their goal was to create the world’s largest wellness and recovery franchise centered around whole body cryotherapy. Wellness and recovery modalities that were geared around the 4 major categories of Pain management and Inflammation, Anti-aging and beauty, Sports Performance, and General wellness. With over 250+ franchise locations awarded in just under 4 years they have gained the attraction of many like-minded entrepreneurs and wellness enthusiasts around the globe.