The New Therapy

Cryotherapy is a cutting edge new holistic therapy that has recently been introduced to the U.S. and is used to treat inflammation in the human body. Instead of constantly taking anti-inflammatory medication, iCRYO cryotherapy is an affordable, convenient, and professional service that is geared toward elevating your lifestyle.

iCRYO launched in October 2015 and is setting the standard for the cryotherapy industry. Education, training, and safety are the 3 keys to the success of this business. Cryotherapy is rapidly becoming popular with the masses and iCRYO will disrupt the market with our franchise system. iCRYO is pioneering the success of entrepreneurs that need a turn-key solution.

Our Mission

Elevate the lifestyle of our team members and guests by providing professional, affordable, and convenient Cryotherapy services while raising the bar in the health and wellness market.

Meet the Leadership Team

The iCRYO Culture

Our Company Culture is centered around the passion we have for increasing the quality of life for our guests. We work as a team in all aspects of our daily operations to provide professional, affordable, and convenient services to the masses. With accountability on all levels and productivity throughout our organization, we are able to provide our guests with the most exceptional cryotherapy experience they deserve.

We strive to maintain an open culture with team values in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing their creative ideas and opinions. CO-Founders Bill and Kyle Jones lead by using a “coaching approach” and instilling in every employee that we are all one team that collaborates daily to create more solutions, not more problems. We feel this creates opportunities for “fewer mistakes and more victories” for our organization.