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Seca Scale
Bioimpedance Analysis

The SECA bioimpedance medical scale is a fascinating method that uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measure body composition by analyzing how electrical currents flow through the body. It's like a fitness checkup at the molecular level!

New Release

Visualize Changes in Body Composition

With seca body composition analysis, successes through exercise and achievements from dietary changes are precisely measurable.

Show Fat Mass Parameters
The Seca Scale measures fat mass, crucial for understanding and managing health risks like high blood pressure, type II diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, thereby improving overall quality of life and wellness.
Show Muscle Tachometer
Maintaining sufficient muscle mass, as indicated by the green range on the Seca Scale, is essential for injury prevention, a healthy metabolism, and reduced diabetes risk, enhancing overall health and quality of life at any age.
Understand Your Visceral Fat
The Seca Scale provides comprehensive health metrics, including phase angle and visceral fat. For a deeper understanding of these advanced indicators, book your first session with an iCRYO trained professional. Choose a convenient location near you or schedule online.
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