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Rated 4.8 of 5 | 10,000+ Reviews

NAD+ Therapy

Feel like your younger self again. Experience firsthand how iCRYO is changing the future of health with cutting-edge NAD+ Therapy.

NAD+ Therapy

Rated 4.8 of 5 | 10,000+ Reviews

Feel like your younger self again. Experience firsthand how iCRYO is changing the future of health with cutting-edge NAD+ Therapy.

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What is NAD+ Therapy?

NAD+ is found in every cell in your body and aids in rejuvenating the age and health of a person. It works by improving the cellular processes at the mitochondrial level within the cell. NAD+ is administered through an iV infusion or an iM shot and generates the following benefits:

Improved brain function
Anti-aging properties
Better sleep
Reduce depression
Lower stress levels
Boost energy

Load Option #1

Five consecutive days of NAD+ sessions, followed by a maintenance program.

Load Option #2

Five weeks (1x/wk) of consecutive NAD+ sessions, followed by a maintenance program.


Based on your goals, we will recommend weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly NAD+ sessions.

Dosage Options

iCRYO NAD+ dosages range from 100mg - 1000mg.

Clear your mental fog. Slow down your body's aging process. Help cells regenerate. Protect your body against damage. Embrace the new and improved version of yourself.

Keep your brain healthy
NAD+ can activate your brain’s neuron function by helping cells regenerate and protect them against damage.
Eliminate chronic fatigue
NAD+ plays an important role in the chemical process of creating energy.
Slow down your aging
NAD+ helps slow down the body's aging process by ensuring proper cell function.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NAD+ Therapy FAQ

NAD+ is a natural molecule created and used by your body. Also known as the "miracle molecule", it plays an important role in many crucial functions such as metabolism, converting food to energy, maintaining DNA integrity, and protecting your body from aging and disease.

Since NAD+ is a naturally occurring molecule in your body, this therapy is very safe. It is administered through an iM shot or iV infusion by one of our qualified registered nurses. Increasing your NAD+ levels has many health benefits that will help you slow down your body's aging process and assist in preventing certain age-related diseases.

NAD+ has many health benefits with more being discovered as scientists learn more about this molecule. Because of it's crucial role in many different bodily functions, NAD+ therapy can help with anti-aging, muscle function, metabolism, heart health, energy levels, and neurodegeneration.

NAD+ Therapy revitalizes your levels of NAD+ through an iM shot or iV infusion. As you age, your levels of NAD+ gradually decrease over time, and your body has a harder time making more of it. NAD+ therapy increases these levels and gives your body the boost it needs.

Low levels of NAD+ can lead to issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, cognitive impairment, low energy, and many age related diseases. Maintaining proper NAD+ levels will allow you to feel younger, longer.

Studies have shown that increasing NAD+ levels in mice does in fact increase their lifespan and health. Based on a study in 2016, NAD+ supplementation increased the mice's lifespan by ~5%. While studies are still being performed on how this translates to humans, many are hopeful that this could be our "Fountain of Youth".

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Rated 4.8 of 5 | 10,000+ Reviews

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