Anti-Aging Modalities in Port St. Lucie

Effective Anti-Aging in Port St. Lucie

The anti-aging movement refers to the expression of biological age rather than the reversal of chronological age. The human body is a dynamic and ever changing organism in constant communication with its environment. Every second 10,000 new cells are regenerated. And every hour, the heart pumps 280 liters of blood. The body is a canvas of change that is highly susceptible to factors within its environment.  Our ability to manage all of these outside forces ultimately determines the rate at which our bodies “Age”.  It is here where we realize that “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.”  We can all live high quality healthy lives.

The Problem – What are typically perceived as traditional age related medical issues are generally caused by some sort of repeated exposure to toxicity (oxidative stressors)  via pesticides, air or water pollution,  sugar, alcohol and processed foods and are treated with toxicity (pharmaceuticals) which all have side effects and only treat symptoms.  So while the chronic exposure is “age related”, there may be options to mitigate.  

The chronic exposure creates a cascade of dysfunction which creates the negative disease effects (symptoms) we see.  A lot of this can be effectively avoided through lifestyle choices and people choose to live a Healthy Lifestyle;  by avoiding alcohol & sugar, eating organic whole foods and utilizing natural/noninvasive medicines rather than pharmaceuticals 

A major goal to avoid these issues should be to go after the root cause of the symptoms which is typically Oxidative stress and Inflammation related, also known as Inflammaging.  Inflammaging has become a common term in the medical community because the combination of inflammation, oxidative stress are the root cause of so many age related issues and are the actual root cause of 85% of chronic disease.   


Introducing the Longevity Protocol

The simple proposal here is that is if you can incorporate 1) a 12 minute Photobiomodulation session to reduce Oxidative stress 2) a 3 minute Whole-body Cryotherapy  session to reduce inflammation in your body and then 3) finish with a 12 minute PEMF session to energize those cells even more; you will take control of your overall health back and eradicate those symptoms of “aging” right out of your body.  We call this the Longevity Protocol.  It takes about 35 minutes and should be done 2 or 3X a week to both eliminate any symptoms and prevent future issues from arising.

Most theories on aging operate on a very basic hypothesis.  Oxidative stress (in our cells) causes inflammation and inflammation leads to many chronic disease (85%) see diagram above.  So if we can focus on eliminating oxidative stress from our bodies we will get better.  Each session in a PhotoBioModulation machine will treat your body from head to with Powerful wavelengths of light intended to free your body from all sources of Oxidative stress.  There are additional theories on the Mitochondria, which are the powerhouses of the cells and their role in ageing.  Suffice it to say that the healthier our Mitochondria are the healthier our cells are.  Each of these sessions will make your mitochondria more robust and able to operate much more efficiently.  You will be building Mighty Mitochondria.  


Get that Child Like Energy Back with PEMF

Imagine being blanketed from head to toe in the energy that sustains life on the planet earth.  Yes, we live on an electromagnetic planet.  Without the earth pulsing its electromagnetic energy into plants fish, animals, and people we would not be able to sustain life.  There are a multitude of positive cellular effects of PEMF therapy.  Primary one being the addition of the PEMF energy improves intercellular fluid & blood flow, thus allowing nutrition to be delivered and absorbed.  The negative ions stimulates the production of ATP and increases cellular energy levels stored in our cells, cellular oxygen levels are increased enabling optimized function, reduced stress and promotes proper cellular healing.  The additional energy stimulates intercellular communication and ultimately stimulates electron transport in cells which is a major factor in enhancing our metabolism.  

All of this results in many biological effects from the PEMF session that help our bodies feel great and operate great.   The presence of the additional energy also enables the release of endorphins as well.  FYI, It doesn’t hurt and actually feels like a tapping massage. 


Photobiomodulation is a Fountain of Youth

When it comes to aging, we need to consider how we look and how we feel.  The Photobiomodulation machine uses specialized Red, Green and Near Infrared light wavelengths to help in both areas.  The texture and glow of your skin is perfected.  Red light is being used to smooth cellulite, melt fat and heal scars and wounds.   Green light leaves us with additional healing properties but also provides a glow.  The Near infrared light along with the green and red penetrate the skin at specific levels and helps to remove those toxins we get exposed to in our daily lives that end up being the culprit of our inflammation related issues. The lights also stimulate hormones related to strength, expand the capacity of our mitochondria to enable them to be 300% more efficient at producing energy, our mitochondria being to thrive and grow into Mighty Mitochondria. 

The 12-minute session also flood your body with 20,000 joules of light energy that is also electromagnetic.  This heavy dose of electrons (Electrons are negative ions that will remove Oxygen scavengers from our bodies) act as a super antioxidant and pushes dramatic changes across our bodily functions all for the betterment of health.  So whether it is our food, the environment, our air, water or even our lifestyle causing oxidative stress in our bodies, the PhotoBioModulation bed will alleviate it along with the symptoms that eventually follow. In short, the PBM detoxifies your body.  

There are Four Major Anti-Aging Benefits of Photobiomodulation

Aesthetic Benefits: Collagen thickening of 138-211% is reported in studies suggesting that PhotoBioModulation may improve skin tone for some and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Green is a very powerful surface energy that may be effective for bacterial and viral conditions and it has been shown in studies to actually outperform red/NIR for wound healing.

Cognitive Benefits: LED Light Therapy, particularly Near Infrared, has been shown in research to be extraordinary for helping people with brain injuries or in cognitive decline. CTE’s and TBI seem to respond well to Near Infrared energies in the brain.  Numerous reports of veterans with PTSD find improvement, and as well cases are reported where Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease sufferers improve to the point where they can again speak, recall and comprehend.  As Dr. Mercola states PhotoBioModulation with Near Infrared light may be a powerful mediator for the ‘tsunami of future Alzheimer’s patients’ that are expected to flood the nation as baby boomers become elderly.

Performance Benefits: performance has been shown to be enhanced by PhotoBioModulation in all the right ways.  Most people increase maximum strength, endurance and speed.  Who doesn’t want to be stronger, faster and able to perform longer.  We anticipate that PBM will be a staple for those who wish to remain active in their  retirement and elder years.

Recovery Benefits: In addition to the performance enhancing benefits of Light Therapy research suggests the individual is protected from fatigue and injury.  This ‘preconditioning’ has also been suggested to help pre-surgical candidates.

The Wellness Benefits of Photobiomodulation are amazing and wide ranging.  Generally speaking people are finding reductions in pain and inflammation from conditions like arthritis, neuropathy, injury, surgery and even neurological issues.  People are reporting that their allergies are releasing, their sleep is improved and their energy is better.

Infrared Sauna Use Decreases Mortality

Yes, that stunning headline is absolutely true!   Sauna is a high potential tool for longevity and a high-quality life span!!

Several studies have already shown that frequent sauna bathing (4-7X/wk for 20 min.) is associated with a 50% lower risk for fatal heart disease, 60% lower risk for sudden cardiac death, 51% lower risk for stroke, and 46% lower risk for hypertension. Just a single sauna session has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve heart rate variability, and improve arterial compliance.

The use of Sauna along with Whole-body Cryotherapy and Photobiomodulation will put the body in a flow state where it is primed for exercise, profound and creative thinking, along with decreased pain and inflammation! On top of that if you have a goal to lose weight, IR Sauna will increase your metabolism for the duration of your session and then some.  Some of the positive benefits of the sauna on heart health may have to do with similar physiological changes that also occur during physical exercise. For example, there is a 50-70% redistribution of blood flow away from the core to the skin to facilitate sweating. You start to sweat. Heart rate increases up to 150 beats per minute which correspond to moderate-intensity physical exercise. Cardiac output (which is a measure of the amount of work the heart performs in response to the body’s need for oxygen) increases by 60-70%. Immediately after sauna use, blood pressure and resting heart rate are lower than baseline similar to physical activity.

In addition to lowering cardiovascular-related mortality, sauna use may have benefits for overall longevity. For example, using the sauna 2-3 times per week is associated with 24% lower all-cause mortality and using the sauna 4-7 times per week is associated with 40% lower all-cause mortality. Sauna use is also associated with a lower risk of age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

People that used the sauna 2-3 times per week had a 20% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and those that used the sauna 4-7 times per week had a 60% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease, compared to men that used the sauna 1 time per week.  Given the growing incidence of Alzheimer’s it would seem prude to add this 20 minute change into your day.  

Some of the longevity benefits of sauna use may have to do with an increase in heat shock proteins, which is one of the protective adaptive responses to heat stress. Heat shock proteins have been shown to prevent and slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, slow human muscle atrophy, and are associated with human longevity.

The effects of heat stress on longevity have also been shown to increase lifespans by as much as 15 percent. The productions of heat shock proteins in response to heat exposure is an evolutionarily conserved mechanism that allows our cells to replicate much more robustly in all situations.

Some Sauna Studies (click below)

Whole-body Cryotherapy to Help you Feel Young again

Cryotherapy has been around in one form or another for ages: exposure to frigid air, cold-water immersion, or just applying ice to sore muscles. The ancient Romans would take plunges in frigidarium baths.   Now a days, cryotherapy is popular with elite athletes, celebrities, and folks who wish to stay young! 

WBC involves short exposure to extreme cold via a cryochamber – a human-sized tank filled with cold breathable air, music and a clock in our Cryotherapy Sauna. Exposure can vary from 2-3 minutes in temperatures that plummet to -240°F.  On the surface, cold therapy works wonders for speeding up healing.  When you apply ice to swollen muscles, the cold constricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the area, and pain, swelling, and inflammation decrease. The original idea behind WBC was similar: expose the body to cold to reduce inflammation. It turns out WBC does that and a lot more.

Cryotherapy Curbs Pain and Inflammation

Dr. Toshima Yamaguchi started using cryotherapy to help his patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) as far back as 1978. News of the therapy spread to Europe first and quickly became popular with elite athletes in the United states in the NFL and NBA beginning in 2010. They use it to help lower inflammation and decrease pain, acutely and over time. Cryotherapy triggers anti-inflammatory norepinephrine release that reduces short-term pain from injuries. It also makes intensive physical therapy more tolerable for chronic pain from conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, and osteoarthritis.

The “Biologically Fun” thing about Whole-body cryotherapy is that it can decrease inflammation while simultaneously stressing your body enough to keep your cells on their toes. Low doses of physical stress from can elicit an adaptive response and strengthen your immune system by increasing white blood cells and immune cells; your bolstered immune system can then kill viruses and fight off tumor factors. Short bursts of cold therapy may also increase the antioxidants glutathione and superoxide dismutase, which help support liver and immune function, optimize cellular function, and protect against oxidative stress.

Eliminating Inflammation and Disease

Given the need to routinely keep all Inflammation out of the body and not add additional toxins simultaneously it’s imperative that we finds solution like Whole body Cryotherapy, Photobiomodulation, PEMF and Sauna. They are all noninvasive and have absolutely no side effects and can be used frequently. Most Pain medication, on the other hand, will actually cause inflammation in the body when used routinely. They do so by breaking down our 1 cell layer of thickness in our guts, thus creating a “leaky gut” and an over response by our immune system to go after all of the good bacteria leaking from the gut. In the gut these bacteria have a job to do. These same bacteria in other parts of the body are foreign and much more harm and trigger a major immune response.

Whole-body Cryotherapy helps many golfers out there to stay sharp! They will actually use this tool in a preemptive strike. The night before a match or in the midst of a tournament many guests come in to get their body in peak state.
Another antiaging component of Whole-body Cryotherapy is its ability to trigger Collagen, the protein behind strong cartilage, joints, skin and hair, also ramps up production after cryotherapy, and collagenase, an enzyme responsible for rapid collagen breakdown, slows down. While cold therapy is boosting collagen production, it’s also inhibiting the stress hormone cortisol, which works to break down collagen and can disrupt your healthy blood sugar and sleep patterns.

Whole-body Cryotherapy exposure produces feel-good endorphins and increases production of norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is a hormone and neurotransmitter involved in your sleep-wake cycle and has profound effects on energy, focus, mood and sleep patterns. This may be because of norepinephrine’s role in neurogenesis – the production of new neurons in the brain – which links to improved mood and memory.
The rise in norepinephrine along with a decrease in cortisol supports a healthy sleep-wake cycle. It’s also possible that the rush of endorphins and subsequent feeling of relaxation is why so many people claim that cryotherapy is their new sleeping drug of choice.

When it Comes to Anti-Aging Treatments, It Pays to Start Early

Cryotherapy has been around in one form or another for ages: exposure to frigid air, cold-water immersion, or just applying ice to sore muscles. The ancient Romans would take plunges in frigidarium baths.   Now a days, cryotherapy is popular with elite athletes, celebrities, and folks who wish to stay young! 

WBC involves short exposure to extreme cold via a cryochamber – a human-sized tank filled with cold breathable air, music and a clock in our Cryotherapy Sauna. Exposure can vary from 2-3 minutes in temperatures that plummet to -240°F.  On the surface, cold therapy works wonders for speeding up healing.  When you apply ice to swollen muscles, the cold constricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the area, and pain, swelling, and inflammation decrease. The original idea behind WBC was similar: expose the body to cold to reduce inflammation. It turns out WBC does that and a lot more.

Eliminating Inflammation and Disease

There’s No Shame in Wanting to Look Your Best
Caring for your physical appearance has been shown to boost your self-esteem and confidence levels which in turn can have a positive impact on your mental health, emotional well-being, and quality of life. So, you shouldn’t feel shame if you’d like to slow the aesthetic effects of aging.

Phase Out Destructive Habits

  • The single best thing you can do for your health and longevity is quit smoking. Smoking robs the body of Oxygen, overloads it with toxins and generally takes years off of your life with each passing day you maintain this habit. 
  • Eliminate Alcohol and if you must Drink only in moderation. Alcohol infuses every cell, damaging genes and inflaming your liver. Many strive for a glass of wine or 2 a day but odds are in your favor if you avoid it all together.
  • Stop staying up late and Get your Zzzz’s. Your body needs down time to repair cells and rest your heart. And your mind needs dreaming to stay sharp.
  • Eliminate fast food and all trans-fat consumption. This hardens your cell walls and prevents the absorption of nutrition. Increase Omega 6 (Coconut & Olive) and Omega 3 (Fish) Oils. These oils actually protect our cells and make our blood vessels more elastic.
  • Reduce your exposure to “Food Pollution” . Most process foods are not recognized by the body and initiate some sport of immune response and thus cause inflammation.
  • Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins. These would include pesticides, fumes from automobiles & machinery as well as other Oxygen depleting chemicals placed in our products.

Start New Healthy Habits to Elevate your Healthy Lifestyle

Don’t be afraid to make some big changes that can greatly assist you. Adopting a routine like the Longevity Protocol will change your life and those around you. This generation has the opportunity to outlive all others. We also now have tools to help insure that is going to be the case. Some may call it biohacking, but there are a number of non-invasive methods we can utilize to trigger our bodies to be optimized with absolutely no side effects (unlike most pharmaceuticals).