Creating the Industry Standard in Cryotherapy

Take an emerging innovative industry driven by several other industries such as Health and Wellness, Physical Therapy, weight loss, Chiropractic and Sports Medicine. Combine these with proven systems to create a business model that creates opportunities designed to generate compelling ROI for our Dealers.
iCRYO™ is the only company where you can find a successful system with the synergy and collaboration to create streamlined results. Our innovation and commitment to the “iCRYO™ Brand” creates a passionate and loyal customer base for our Dealers to become successful business owners.

5 Steps to Opening an iCRYO

Medical & Health

The evolution of cold therapy, iCRYO™ Whole Body Cryotherapy enables physical therapists, sports chiropractors to offer sessions with an innovative, yet established technology.

Sports & Fitness

iCRYO™ Whole Body Cryotherapy Units give competitive athletes an edge by enhancing preparation so they can train harder and maximize performance.

Retail & Spa

Separate yourself from other destinations by adding iCRYO™ Whole Body Cryotherapy, the ultimate in rejuvenation and exhilaration, to your guests’ exceptional experience.

iCRYO™ Training

iCRYO™ has the only comprehensive Global Training and Certification Program for Medical and Cosmetic Cryotherapy. With iCRYO™ Certification your business will have accreditation in the industry that you won’t find anywhere else! 

Turnkey Construction

The iCRYO™ Construction Management Team of Expert Project Managers Have built thousands of Projects all over the Continental U.S. “No one can do it faster and better than the iCRYO™ Construction Team”

Site Selection Assistance

Need Assistance finding the perfect location for your iCRYO™ therapy business? The iCRYO™ Real Estate Team are expert negotiators and have all cutting edge resources available to find the best locations and negotiate winning deals for our Dealers!

Marketing & Promotional Strategies

The iCRYO™ marketing team will get your business verified on all online platforms, create social media strategies, Google360 view, website integration, direct marketing, and more.

Equipment & Operational Coaching

Based on our experience, we'll be able to provide in-depth operational training of your new facility. iCRYO™ provides a path to success for all our licensee holders.