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Port St. Lucie Weight Loss Options

Port St. Lucie Weight Loss Options

Our goal for losing weight and living healthier is one of those goals that continues to follow us from year to year.  We always want to be in the best shape, fit in our clothes the best we can and enjoy the energy that being lean provides us!   Never the less, life has its ups and downs as we navigate ourselves through life’s journeys and we need different strategies for different phases of life.  

Sometimes you will feel like grinding it out in the Gym, sometimes you will feel like trying out a new diet.  All of these positive lifestyle changes have a positive impact and head us in the right direction.  Here at iCRYO we have a several great ways to support your weight loss goals and they will greatly enhance your healthy lifestyle and speed your way to better results.  

 When you go on that grind to burn more calories in the gym, you’ll need to worker harder and more intense so that you can burn more calories and create that calories deficit that will deliver results.   One great strategy might be modifying your existing routine just a little bit!  Another strategy may be simply adding an extra set of each weight lifting exercise in your normal workout which could make a huge difference in results and calories burned.  

Working to failure always maximizes the burn and creates an exhaustion level that demand maximum stores of glycogen your muscles contain.  Another fabulous strategy might be an additional 12 minutes of cardio 3 x per week at an intensity level that makes you sweat.   This will not only burn more calories but invigorate your metabolism to burn more calories many hours after you have completed.  

The other great reason not to forget cardio when you want to lose weight is that Oxygenation is how your metabolism gets the energy from your fat cells.  Nothing better than heavy breathing to Oxygenate some fat cells.   Both of these strategies require discipline and effort.  That hard work and effort creates sore muscles.   

Sore muscles are soothed during cryotherapy session.  So, reward those muscles with some loving Cryotherapy!  Another bonus is that Cryotherapy sessions enable us to burn 500 to 800 more calories per day.  The best news is that your next trip to the gym will be enhanced because you will not be as sore and your inflammation will be reduced.  Performance cannot improve without a recovery plan in place! 


Here at iCRYO in Port St Lucie, we additionally offer Photobiomodulation.  Photobiomodulation is great for muscle recovery but it can also be used as a pre work out to help energize you.  Your body will be greatly invigorated by the photons of light, your mitochondria will be operating 300% more efficiently and your blood will be pumping more freely with the addition of Nitic Oxide released during a session.  

So, the next time you want more energy try Photobiomodulation.  The other fabulous fact about PBM is that it literally melts Fat Cells.  Data and Analytics illustrate a 12 -minute session takes ordinary subcutaneous fat and melts the layers on the outside of our bodies.  

If you are able to follow up a session of Photobiomodulation with HIIT exercise or a Power Plate session you will literally burn off these fat stores immediately.  Clinical tests completed show that when exercise is combined with Red Light therapy (PBM) people lost an average of 11.5kgs or 26lbs in 3 months.  They also gained muscles as their hormones were positively affected during the sessions.  

Power Plate

If you do not want to do HIIT exercise iCRYO has added a Power Plate to our offerings.  Power Plate has also demonstrated significant fat & weight loss by stimulating the metabolism and lymphatic system during a training session.  Any movement on this machine is compounded by a significant factor (10x) through the tri planar movement of the plate. 

 The machine comes with pre-programed workouts for almost any Health, Beauty or Performance goal you wish to achieve.  Sessions are only 15-20 minutes but will leave your muscles depleted like an HIIT work out.  The power plate stimulates the areas of your body you wish to lose fat or cellulite from and drains it.  

Power Plate delivers micro hits of instability that forces you to engage muscles you wouldn’t otherwise use on solid ground.  It also stimulates HGH production.  Yes HGH, the youth hormone, by about 2,000%!  This has been demonstrated in multiple studies and is well known throughout the professional sports world. 

 This is why Power Plate is loved by so many, you simply feel amazing after a session and your body is literally renewing itself!  Power Plate has been a favorite of those who don’t love to exercise and equally loved by those who do enjoy working out.

Body Sculpting

Here at iCRYO Port St Lucie we also offer body sculpting.  What a fabulous way to lose 2” in any part of your body Fast!   We have the Cryoskin 4.0 slimming technology that literally kills fat cells permanently in your body!…  Yes, permanently!  Sessions are typically 30-45 minutes and a trained technician will work with you to be sure you achieve the best results from the machine.  

Any area of concern is treatable, simply book a free consultation and we can lay out a game plan and comprehensive schedule.  We will also share pictures of others who have also worked on similar challenges and succeeded!  More than likely your situation is not unique and we have helped other just like you to Win! 

 It is typically best to do these sessions in packages of 3, 5, 10 or even 20.  Why?  So that your results are optimal and you can also cover multiple areas of your body!  When you purchase multiple sessions at a time, we are able to offer the best pricing and you are able to achieve the best results. 

Body Sculpting is here to support your need for rapid results and if also combined with Photobiomodulation and Power Plate we have created a package called the Ultra Body Fix that not only helps you lose fat, but also enhances your health simultaneously in numerous ways.  

The basic package will last over 12 weeks and consists of 24 Photobiomodulation sessions, 24 Power Plate sessions and 5 Cryoskin 4.0 Body Sculpting slimming sessions.  By starting this package, you are ensuring your success with a 3- pronged approach.  

We also throw in a comprehensive body scan to track your inches all the way round your body so you can see the changes in fat % and inches in the areas you chose to target.  

If you are looking to lose weight, we have a system at iCRYO Port St. Lucie like no other.  We are here to support your lifelong journey of optimal health and beauty! 

 We offer exceptional customer service, prices that enable you to adopt this as a new part of your healthy lifestyle and professionalism as you make your way through the journey of life!


iCRYO offers an affordable, convenient, and professional franchise opportunity in the NEW cryotherapy and iV infusion industry. We have the systems and training in place to support you in bringing the iCRYO experience to your community in a retail location or as an addition to your current business. We enjoy giving back to those who serve our community with 35% OFF our franchise fee and 6 MONTHS FREE of royalty fees for veterans, active military, first responders, and educators.

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