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Top 10 Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Top 10 Benefits of Infrared Sauna

What is Infrared Therapy?

Our saunas use infrared light to treat pain and inflammation. Infrared light is 100% safe and not near as energetic as ultraviolet light, which can damage skin. While in the sauna, the infrared light targets the specific area of pain. This aids in cell repair of the area affected. So, it doesn’t just suck the pain and inflammation out, but it stops the cause as well. 

In case you didn’t know already, sweating is an excellent way to dispose of toxin build-up. Infrared treatment being a natural treatment, aids our guests who are struggling with inflammation, recovering from an injury or sickness, experiencing muscle soreness, and SO much more.

How does Infrared Sauna Work?

Infrared is a very low-energy form of electromagnetic radiation, which allows it to penetrate through the skin’s deepest layers without harming it. This makes our saunas safe, non-invasive, non-radioactive, and painless, and necessary for all of our iCRYO locations.  When exposed, your body experiences radiant heat, which goes down to 1 ½ inches inside your skin. The wavelength of infrared impacts the chemical bonds between molecules our cells. Inside our sauna, this provides countless benefits.

Ten Benefits of Infrared Sauna

1. Detoxification

Toxins get deep into our fat cells and tissue. This can cause us to feel unwell or sluggish and could even lead up to disease. Which is why detoxification is so important! Using infrared light, our saunas are able to go deep into the body allowing it to release these toxins. Using our sauna regularly for detox will provide an intense, productive sweat where toxins reside at the cellular level. 
Infrared Sauna Therapy For Immune and Detox Support –


2. Pain Relief

By reducing soreness and discomfort on nerve endings, our Infrared Saunas minimize pain and inflammation, allowing our bodies to heal naturally. Guests looking to throw away those pain pills, and jump to a more natural alternative, should know just where to go. Our Infrared Saunas will allow your body to relax muscles and release painful tension. The infrared heat targets pain and penetrates joints, muscles, and tissue, increasing circulation and speeding up the flow of oxygen.


3. Depression & Anxiety

In this day and age, our fast-paced modern lives can come with lots of stress. Recent research shows the psychological benefits of infrared therapy, which indicates that it can help with anxiety & depression, improve overall mental health and has intense relaxing effects for guests suffering from anxiety and other mental health struggles.  Scientists say that when the heat from the infrared sauna stimulates the skin and tissues and wakes up the cells that release serotonin in the brain, which is essentially a neurotransmitter that helps us to regulate our mood, and sleep. Serotonin also helps to boost emotions of happiness and well-being. Infrared Sauna for Anxiety and Depression – Certified


4. Weight Loss

Penetrating the body with heat benefits our guests in numerous ways, one of the most popular being weight loss. When the body’s core temperature rises, it starts to burn more calories so it can cool itself down. The process is called “thermogenesis” and it will help you continue to burn calories throughout the day. The use of our infrared saunas increases heart, and metabolic rate, encouraging your body to burn more calories, resulting in weight loss! 

Infrared Sauna Weight Loss & Clinical Studies | Jacuzzi Saunas


5. Skin Improvement

Just a few minutes after sweating, Infrared Therapy allows dirt and other impurities to flush out of our pores. The increase of blood circulation can help with certain chronic skin disorders. Some guest will also experience reduced fine lines & wrinkles, increased elasticity, smoothness, firmness, and improved skin tone!

6. Joint Pain & Stiffness

Infrared heat is able to temporarily ease joint pain and stiffness. Safe infrared rays also help increase flexibility by loosening up the connective tissues around your joints. This can help improve movement and reduce pain.  Increased thermal energy to the joints promotes a temporary increase in blood flow.  Increased thermal energy reduces stiffness and increases range of motion, allowing our guests to step out of the sauna loose and temporarily free of pain. 

Infrared Sauna for Arthritis: How This Healing Therapy Can Help Your Joints – Sauna Area


7. Immunity Boost

Unfortunately, getting sick is just another part of life. Infrared Saunas have the ability to directly benefit the immune system.  When a harmful substance enters your body, white blood cells detect it and control the immune system’s response. The use of infrared therapy increases production of these cells, and helps our bodies fight off illnesses effectively.


8. Headaches & Migraines

Thankfully, infrared therapy can help improve the symptoms associated with this condition. Experiencing a headache or migraine is extremely uncomfortable, but our infrared saunas can help! Medication may not always help, and that’s where an infrared sauna steps in. This treatment penetrates deep in the skin, heating our internal temperature, increasing circulation and oxygen flow to prevent tension. 

4 Tips for Using an Infrared Sauna If You Get Migraines – Engineering Radiance

9. Fybromyalgia

Currently, there is no known cure for fibromyalgia, but there are treatments that can help decrease the symptoms, Infrared Saunas being one of them! Infrared heat therapy has been shown to be an effective way to reduce pain, inflammation, and stiffness in guests with fibromyalgia.   The heat from the infrared rays helps to loosen up tight muscles and joints, which helps reduce pain.

10. Improved Sleep

Infrared Sauna Therapy can greatly improve your quality of sleep, which in turn leaves you with more energy throughout the day. While relaxing in an Infrared Sauna there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate. There is also a reduction in stress hormones coupled with an increase in serotonin which induces a deep state of relaxation and promotes a better quality of sleep.

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