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Cryo Facials For Improved Skin

Your skin is subjected to daily environmental elements such as pollution and UV exposure that can take a toll on your skin, leaving skin cells damaged and dull. Inflammation damage from those environmental factors and other skin conditions can deteriorate skin cells, increasing the signs of aging or discoloration.

But the damage to your skin does not have to stay there and be permanent. Cryo facial therapy is an innovative way to get rid of environmental marks on your facial skin. The procedure is fast, effective, inexpensive, and leaves your skin glowing and with a youthful appearance.

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What is a Cryo Facial?

Cryotherapy has been a way to relieve physical and mental stress and has given clients outstanding results. A newer form of this procedure is to have it done on your face. Just like cryotherapy helps with the rehabilitation of muscles and helps increase circulation, a cryo facial will expose your face to cold temperatures that will help stimulate blood flow through your skin, providing a fantastic wellness sensation.

A machine helps pump cool air unto the face during a cryotherapy facial – forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. The session usually takes around 12 minutes, when the controlled low temperature is working wonders on the texture and appearance of your skin.

As a result, clients get brighter skin, and, many times, age spots are noticeably reduced. Due to the cold temperatures, pores get tighter, giving your facial skin a much smoother appearance. Also, cold temperatures stimulate the production of collagen.

Benefits of Cryo Facials

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How Cryotherapy Facials Work?

Have you ever rubbed ice on your face? You remember the cooling sensation. But what you probably did not know is that the process makes your blood vessels contract your pores.

This is the same effect of a cryo facial except that it has much better results as it is done professionally, with more intense cold, more evenly distributed. This guarantees that the blood vessels will quickly return to their normal temperature, causing them to dilate soon.

During your Cryo Facial, the cold temperatures cause the blood vessels in your skin to contract and, in turn, dilate, which improves oxygenated blood flow to the surface of the skin. Nutrients that are provided by the increased blood flow start the restorative process of the facial. Your skin is left feeling refreshed, defined, and tight.

When your vessels dilate back again, the flow of blood and oxygen to your face increases, giving your face a more glowy and fresh look. The rush of oxygen and blood in your facial skin can also help your face not look swollen. Some clients have reported that, after the therapy, their lips even feel plumper.

But not only will this procedure help your face have healthier skin, but it can also help with certain skin conditions. For example, according to one study, whole-body cryotherapy can help improve symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

No side effects or harmful results have been documented for this treatment. Here at iCryo, we have all the technology and professional skill to offer a quality product that will deliver the results that will put a smile on your face.