iCRYO Wellness Spa
in Port St Lucie

Relieve Stress, Improve Beauty, Look and Feel Better

In our society today, spas are a very important part of many people’s lives and are  increasingly connected to our well-being. One of the latest innovations in this sector is  the Wellness Spa. A new model of well-being has appeared, featuring a 360º method to  achieve the best physical and psychological results. iCRYO Port Saint Lucie is a  Wellness Spa is in a category all its own! We offer more than 10 highly regarded  modalities! When we search for a Wellness Spa of course we are looking for things that  will help us look and feel better, but at iCRYO its much more than that. It would be a  great disservice to leave out the word healing. We trigger the body with biological  stimulus in the form of energies like cold, light, heat, frequencies, electronics and  compression to do what it knows best, heal itself.

iCRYO cryotherapy near me

From the moment you walk in and meet your specialist and share what’s ailing you until  to the moment you walk out the door, feeling & looking better than when you walked  in….you just know you’re coming back. Our wonderful Holistic Wellness technicians are  there to serve you and treat you like you’re at the “Spa” and get you Well at the same  time! We have new ways to solve age old problems that we could only treat the  symptoms of previously. Well now it’s about the root cause and a real solution to get  you well.  

iCRYO makes it their mission to not only make you feel pampered, but also to get you  well and keeping you well. Of course, we all feel better when we treat ourselves to  something to make us feel more attractive. iCRYO wants you to feel like that every  day! That’s how they separate themselves from other Wellness Spa’s. PBM, PEMF,  Bio charger, Cryotherapy, Power Plate, Pilates, Compression Sessions and Body  Sculpting Services focus on sustainable wellness as it becomes a new healthier lifestyle  for people. When you Look Good…You Feel Good! When you Feel Good…it shows! 

Too often we settle for pain or displeasure with the way we look and feel…simply accepting that it’s a fact of life. This is not true! Everything is a choice. As we age, we  cannot accept the discomforts presented and are given the label of “old age”. We must  deploy anti-aging strategies and this is one area iCRYO Port St Lucie can help many  people with. Ce can solve beauty issues associated with skin, eight, age spots. We  can solve problem related to pain and inflammation. We can prevent many age-related illnesses by keeping the body in top shape.

Everything we have to offer is about Wellness. iCRYO wants you to care about your  health before it’s taken away from you! And it’s not selfish or vain to want improvement  with your body whether you are male or female. It’s always about the journey to  improvement…we help you make that journey in an accelerated and pain free way to  speed up the results you are looking for. iCRYO can make you feel better and look  better in as little as one visit. There is so much to choose from and it’s hard to pick a  favorite. Guaranteed you’ll leave with a smile and planning your next visit!  

Our technology and processes support the body’s ability to heal itself from a particular  chronic condition you may be suffering from. Oxidative stress and Inflammation are the  root cause of 85% disease, so when we attack Oxidative stress and Inflammation causation we attack the disease as well. Not just the symptoms but the actuals triggers  for the pain! There is a very popular resource called PubMed.Gov and if you use it to  search for its utility in supporting good health you will find thousands of results that  support many different clinical outcomes. Whether it is pain relief, arthritis, psoriasis,  neuropathic pain, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries, broken bones, poor circulation,  Plantar fasciitis, we have a solution for you.  

Photobiomodulation alone has over 5,000 Successful clinical studies now  completed to support its use.

You may also search out a Spa to relieve stress and unwind! Our services are the  professional and the most effective ways to reduce stress and produce tangible results.  One might initiate a Photobiomodulation session in tired, irritable and stressed out. You  will end it in a completely refreshed place 12 minutes later, feeling energized, content  relaxed and ready to make difficult decisions life demands. In the Bio charger, you can  run a Happiness or Nirvana program meant to address stress head on. After a Whole body Cryo session you will get a Euphoric feeling due to the release of endorphins during this process.. When you enter the Sauna, you start a detoxification of your mind  & body and leave feeling new again and have taken on a completely new mindset.  These bioenergetic solutions are truly revolutionary in the way they help the body look  and feel better!

Our Wellness Spa Protocols for Premium Results

The Cellular Elevation Protocol

A noninvasive way to heal the body from years of neglect, abuse or challenging
environments that our body has had to
deal with.

  • Rejuvenate, Revitalize and Detoxify
    your body at the cellular level.
  • Healthy Cells = Healthy Tissue = Healthy Organs = Healthy Biological Systems.

This protocol is a game changer anyone wanting to rapidly heal and recover from almost anything. It calls for a 12 Minute PhotoBioModulation session, followed by 12 minutes Pulse Electromagnetic Field therapy and finishes in the Infrared Sauna.

The Five Week Facial Program

You already know how fabulous our facials are. We have rolled this fabulous service into a five-week program to get you the very best results at an ultra-affordable price.

  • 2X/week cryo facial results in changes starting to become permanent.
  • Collagen and Elastin is triggered with consistent sessions

Combing this with our Cryo-toning facial from Cryoskin and you’ll be taking years off of your appearance and your inner glow will be shining bright.

The Longevity

Designed to reverse aging by eliminating pain and inflammation, rejuvenating the body and providing energy to enhance cellular elasticity and nutrient absorption. 

  • Combines up to 3 minutes of Whole body Cryotherapy
  • 12 Minutes and 20,000 joules of 5 wavelengths of healing light of PhotoBioModulatio
  • 12 minutes of Whole body Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF).

The protocol only takes 30 minutes to complete.  Benefits include mood enhancement, antiaging, skin rejuvenation, increased metabolism and energy, improved sleep, improved collagen production, increased strength & flexibility and of course no more pain!