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30-45 minute sessions


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Melt Your Worries Away

Full body detox, blood circulation, meditation, mood, pain relief, and more.

Full Body Detoxification
Full Body Detoxification
Improve Blood Circulation
Improve Blood Circulation
Natural Pain Relief
Natural Pain Relief
Believe in your Health
Believe in your Health
2x - 4x per week is recommended

Benefits of Infrared Light

People have used saunas for various health benefits for thousands of years. Today, Infrared light is used in saunas to provide an easier and more effective solution by heating the body directly. It can help with:

Weight loss
Immune system boost
Enhanced circulation
Muscle tension reduction
Pain relief
Blood-pressure lowering

Natural method to help relieve muscle pain, injury, arthritis, and more. Experience a more intense sweat while at a lower temperature.

Detox Your Whole Body
Infrared saunas are believed to be more effective in removing toxins through the skin than traditional saunas.
Warm Up Your Core
During a sauna weight loss session, core temperatures increase. The body has to work hard to cool itself, causing a healthy sweat.
Meditate & Relax
Infrared therapy soothes your mind by enveloping your body in relaxing warmth, allowing you to relax your body & mind.
Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Infrared Therapy?
Infrared therapy refers to the use of infrared light to treat pain and inflammation. During infrared therapy, the light is delivered at the specific location of the pain. This promotes cell repair on the area affected, so not only the pain goes away, but the cause too.
What is an Infrared Sauna?
Instead of heating the air around you like a regular sauna, an infrared sauna uses infrared lamps that heat your body directly. Infrared light enters through human tissue under a temperature between 120°F and 140°F. Regular saunas usually operate between 150°F and 180°F. Your body will experience a more intense sweat but at a lower temperature.
Is it Safe?
Infrared is a low-energy form of electromagnetic radiation, allowing it to penetrate through the skin’s deep layers without damaging it. This makes it safe, non-invasive, non-radioactive, and painless. Infrared therapy is an innovative method with proven efficacy. The near-infrared technology in our saunas is similar to the infrared used in cosmetic and healing devices.
What Temperature Should I Use?
If this is your first time in an infrared sauna, the best temperature is 100°F. Once you are comfortable you can start to increase the temperature. We will gradually increase it up to 150°F, which is on the higher end of a sauna. Let the iCRYO team member know if this is your first time trying this therapy.
How Long Can You Stay In?
This mostly depends on how much you can tolerate. For beginners we start with 10-15 minutes. The suggested time for this procedure is 20 to 30 minutes. Our saunas include a timer, so you do not have to worry about overexposure. Staying inside the infrared sauna more than the time recommended may result in dehydration.
Do I Need to Bring Anything?
We recommend you wear regular gym clothes inside the sauna and bring an alternate set of clothes to change into after. Make sure to hydrate before and after using the sauna to avoid becoming dehydrated. For the best hydration solutions, check out our iV Infusions!

Do you have a specific question? Call an iCRYO Health Expert near you.

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