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60 minute sessions


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For the most stubborn fat in your body

World’s first FDA-cleared robotic touchless laser device for subcutaneous fat reduction.

Non-invasive service
Non-invasive service
Lose up to two belt sizes
Lose up to two belt sizes
No downtime or recovery
No downtime or recovery
Believe in your Health
Believe in your Health
2x - 4x per week is recommended

Benefits of EON Body Contouring

State-of-the-art robotic precision delivers laser energy and cooling to simultaneously kill fat cells and provide a comfortable patient experience.

No skin damage
Zero recovery time
Get rid of stubborn fat
20%+ fat reduction

Say goodbye to the most stubborn fat in your body. All the benefits with ZERO downtime, scars, or recovery time.

Customized to your body
EON autonomously scans the contour of your body and maps out your topography, allowing it to deliver customized treatments.
Comfortable treatments
EON uses sensors to scan your skin's temperature and automatically adjusts power to remain in a comfortable setting.
Consistency is key
The robotic arm delivers consistent treatments every time, allowing guests to experience even better results.
Frequently Asked Questions

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What is EON Smarter Body Contouring?
EON Smarter Body Contouring is a laser treatment that targets stubborn fat. The machine maps the topography of your body and creates a customized treatment for you. It is a medical-grade service similar to liposuction, all while enjoying the benefits of no incision, no down time, and at a fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure.
Is EON Body Contouring safe?
This service is very safe. The EON Smarter Body Contouring machine has been cleared by the FDA for fat reduction. The machine uses sensors and an automated robotic arm to administer the service, ensuring safe, consistent, and effective treatments.
Does EON Body Contouring hurt?
This will vary depending on your pain tolerance and what you are comfortable with. The machine has a cooling effect that is used to increase patient comfort. Many of our guests say they experience no discomfort at all throughout the entire service.
Is EON Body Contouring right for me?
Do you have an area of stubborn fat that you cannot get rid of, despite endless dieting & exercise? Then EON Body Contouring is right for you. Ideal for people with a BMI of 30 or less. Contact an iCRYO team member to help determine if this service is right for you.
Which areas of the body can you use EON Body Contouring on?
At this time, EON has received FDA clearance for the machine to be used on flanks and the entire abdomen. EON is working closely with the FDA to receive clearance for other areas as well.
Is there any downtime after an EON Body Contouring service?
Unlike liposuction or other invasive procedures, there is NO downtime after receiving this service. EON Body Contouring is non-invasive, meaning there is no incision, scars, or post-treatment care to worry about.

Do you have a specific question? Call an iCRYO Health Expert near you.

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