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Bronce Perez Matos
Bronce Perez M.
16:47 24 Mar 19
Just had my first experience with cryotherapy and it was amazing. I was skeptical at first. This is a must if you're athletic (runner, weightlifting, etc.) to help your body recover. I suggest doing the full body freeze, along with the compression.
Samantha Sargent
Samantha S.
23:47 12 Mar 19
Very nice and friendly staff. Very clean environment. Starting prices for introduction are around $15. For each session thats new to you is the starting intro price!
Lisa Proskin
Lisa P.
17:08 12 Mar 19
I've been having jaw problems and a friend suggested I try the cryo facial. I started with a groupon for $19 and then had an introductory rate. I purchased a package because I was seeing so much relief. I have been going 3 times a week and have gone from taking 6-9 ibuprofen a day to 2 before bed. The facials mute the pain significantly and it seems that the results are cumulative. Also, I have to say that everyone who works there is very kind and caring. I've suggested it to so many people---you've really got nothing to lose.
Renee Garhartt
Renee G.
14:20 04 Jan 19
I have been coming to iCryo since May 2018 consistently once a week. I have an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the blood vessels in my eye (which can cause incredible pain). When I first started getting the facials I was taking 5-8 medications to control the inflammation. I have been dealing with this disease for over 3 years and at the end of December I got a scan of my eye & ALL the inflammation was gone & I’m no longer on ANY outside medication. This was the first time in over 3 years my scans were normal. The staff at iCryo took the time to know me. They greet me every Thursday morning and there is no better way to start my day then by getting a facial. I’m an iCryo fan for life now because I see what the pay off is: no daily pain. My recommendation should be clear: invest in yourself and try iCryo - you won’t regret it!
Anthony J. Commisso Sr.
Anthony J. Commisso S.
16:00 28 Dec 18
I have had an amazing transformation in my experience with icryo. My interest was peaked by a groupon. I wanted to investigate the nitrogen freeze and discovered it was so much more with the compression and infrared sauna. Physically and mentally I felt different immediately. The staff is so wonderfully warm and engaging, as well as other clients that I felt like I just walked into the happiest place. At the end of my first visit, I signed up for the unlimited pass as it is the far better value. Stiil I proceeded with trepidation on making definitive judgement. I wanted to give it time to measure if the effects were cumulative and sustainable. After all, I was making an investment in my health and well being. The results were exponential. I was sleeping more soundly. I would awaken with a a clarity of mind and purpose. Where I had felt stiff and sore in the morning, I was moving without pain and with ease. I had more energy and moved through the day with an upbeat attitude which is uncommon for me. Part of it was the endorphin release I would experience as well as the weight loss. I was feeling more fit than I had my entire life, and as if I had been going to the gym. It is without question my mind and body transformation.As I mentioned earlier I signed up for the two month unlimited pass. I would go frequently during mid morning hours. I met people young and old that raved of the effects. A few examples, An 87 yr-old gentleman who worked in a labor intensive occupation and played football, boxed etc. A middle aged woman who said she swears that after doing the freeze, compression and infrared that she is no longer experiencing the hot flashes of menopause. One of things that first caught my attention was the facial. I had very dark baggy circles under my eyes. They made me feel old just to look at them. Since utilizing this service I have made a remarked improvement. It has been a couple months since I hadcan eye treatment and it has lasted well. iCryo newest service started to roll out in early fall. Though the owners had extensive training in the service, the staff was beginning training. Availing myself of the opportunity to try everything, I began in October doing it every two weeks as "prescribed." When I started, the measurement around my belly was 37.5 inches. The slimming creates apoptosis of the fat cells, allowing your body to flush the dead fat cells and toxins through your lymphatic system. After five services and ten or so weeks, I got down to 35." Feeling even more energetic and an almost constant high from the beginning of adding cryo slimming, I downgraded my pass for the freeze and compression. I knew I'd be away a couple weeks, busy here and there so I was going to have as much time. I wanted to see if by coming just once a week I could save money and maintain the same feeling. Though I still felt better than before becoming iCryo client, I wasn't feeling the high of all the effects as much as when I did it more frequently thus I am upgrading my pass next month. Of the many alternative methods to traditional medicine, that I've experienced, chiropractic, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physical therapy and all the wonder supplements, I can say with certainty that with iCryo I have had the most profound effects to my health since I began chiropractic care 28 years ago. iCryo is the future to better health, mind and body.
Larry Phillips
Larry P.
15:52 11 Dec 18
Really love the experience. Seems to help with overall soreness. Can't say enough about how good I feel after a session of cryo and compression theraphy. Staff is friendly and go out of their way to make sure you have a enjoyable time.
Renee Fitzgerald
Renee F.
17:46 02 Nov 18
Made an appt with another location, not realizing there was more than one. It was explained to me upon my arrival with an invitation to stay and use their services. The staff is professional, personable and very nice. All services offered were explained and the tour of the facility was thorough. I purchased a monthly pass and look forward to getting my body out of that "always feeling kinda sore" state. I highly recommend iCRYO.
Linda Martuscello
Linda M.
17:23 18 Oct 18
Great place if you're experiencing any pain.I have back issues & when i leave icryo i have no pain. Awesome staff.
Liza Istomina
Liza I.
17:07 09 Oct 18
This place is truly amazing. Services are great, stuff is always nice and friendly. They were so patient to answer hundreds of questions I had :) If you dont know about any cryo benefits yet you should go check it out. It’s my favorite way to recover now and also so beneficial in so many other ways
12:44 03 Oct 18
Best experience ever- ever! Great business owners and the staff was polite, eager to help and certified.McKenzie was our tech, she was 100%  educated and informative. We felt completely at ease with the entire process (after she took us around for a tour, and took time to answer all our questions). We were ready after changing into robes, so we proceeded to the ICryo capsule, it was so exciting! Good for inflammation, cell renewal, fibromyalgia, arthritis, weight loss, insomnia ect...(it is good for so many different ailments - these are the only ones I remember). I have fibromyalgia and old neck, hip and shoulder injury, so I wanted to test it on out on all that. The capsule was very cold and invigorating. An eye opening experience! It aroused all my senses. The lower half of my body was definitely colder than my upper (but that's my body). It works! Afterwards, I felt better overall in my whole body. I recommend to all a minimum of one visit a week to maintain overall health. If you have a serious injury- maybe more. ICryo has packages that start at reasonable rates if you buy a package.Next we tried the ICryo facial. This had the same benefits of the capsule only manually done with a loose wand on your face and neck - by certified tech (for 12 mins). It was considerably cold but tolerable on the face. It mainly closes pores and minimises their size. Reducing inflammation, healing any blemishes  or redness (It does more than that but that is all I can recall). I recommend this once a week as well- as your head is not in the ICryo capsule. If you join as a member of ICryo you get a discount off this service. I think its 50%. It's worth it.We were taken care of from the second we walked in to the moment we walked out. We noticed the staff interacting with customers as if they were regulars and there was a constant flow of people coming in for the first time or returning. There is also a infared sauna and a leg massage treatment, a massage therapist that we did not try, but saw other customers doing and will visit in the future to try. This is a great therapudic business, an assett to the community and they are on their way to big things.
Katie Deitz
Katie D.
02:31 12 Sep 18
My boyfriend and I stopped into iCryo a few weeks before he did a half ironman while visiting my parents in Clifton Park. Aric and all of the staff were extremely friendly and knowledgable. We made an appointment for the day after the race, when we would be in town again, and the guys were extra accommodating. The cryo and compression really helped my boyfriend's recovery after a long training ride and the whole race. We will definitely be back in when we're in town and would recommend iCryo to anyone looking to boost recovery during training or working out!
keegles mcdugal
keegles M.
20:04 11 Sep 18
The friendly staff explains all their services and what to expect, checking in with you during your treatments. It's a very clean, pleasant facility. The facial felt incredible, very tingly with mild but noticable euphoria. They were kind enough to prove me with a hair tie for my damp hair since I sprung for the full body cryotherapy which was intense - but I haven't breathed that well since before I took up cigarette smoking (don't do it, quit, cut down if you're already smoking!) -- while I've cut way down, I found the involuntary deep breathing the full body treatment allowed has quelled any craving. I didn't expect that! I like to sing and the deep breathing of cryo also improved my voice!
Kelly Brady
Kelly B.
20:14 07 Sep 18
I would give more stars if that was possible! I had no idea when I first tried it out the difference it would have on my life. I have multiple auto-immune disorders and freezing has seemed to help keep my inflammation down and helped boost my immunity. As a runner with hip issues, compression has helped 100%. The staff is amazing! I would recommend to anyone to give it a try!
18:17 25 Aug 18
You wrote a review for iCRYO Cryotherapy A moment ago5.0 star rating 8/25/2018Cryotherapy is a innovative health therapy in which I'm relatively new; being four weeks into therapy. This is a must try for anyone suffering from inflammation, poor blood flow in their extremities, or a recent or ancient injury.My suggestion is not to suffer and try iCryo today. From the first step of reaching out to iCryo online, Aric Lemon (owner), called immediately to see how he could help with his iCryo services. Helping educate me further into the excellent health benefits of Cryotherapy.Recently I'd thrown out my back due moving a vintage gas stove. And have ongoing sciatic, lower back, and hip issues. An extremely painful and serious injury, which I knew intervention of taking immediate action was needed. Cryotherapy called.After iCryo full body cryotherapy I felt much better than before injuries. iCryo Lathan, NY machine is the Rolls Royce, CHANEL, or luxury European vacation of CRYO machines. The sense of euphoria is immediate, and benefits of reduced inflammation can be felt the moment you step from their Cryotherapy chamber.Thanks to Aric Lemon, and the wonderful folks at iCryo Cryotherapy I feel 100% better.They also have the infrared sauna, Nordic Compression therapy, and cryotheraphy facial to try.LaBron James, Mayweather, Jennifer Aniston, Mandy Moore, Demi Moore, and Tony Robbins are a few of the celebrities whom use cryotheraphy on a regular basis.But these celebrities are not why I chose iCryo Cryotherapy, but to feel younger, and less pain. Little did I know, a reversal of pain and inflammation to a better life was possible.Why feel old, tired, irritated, sore, and painful; when their is something you can do about slowing the aging process with iCryo Cryotherapy health technology.
Devan Hodlik
Devan H.
22:47 24 Aug 18
This place is amazing! The staff is phenomenal and they’ve all been personable with me since day one. Highly recommend!
Nora Sosnowski
Nora S.
13:36 24 Aug 18
This is a game changer! What a difference freezing and compression makes to your workouts and General well being! The staff is top notch and owner, Aric makes it such an enjoyable way to begin my day.
joe starace
joe S.
02:51 24 Aug 18
Awesome experience. Friendly, knowledgeable staff which makes your visit feel like you’re hanging out with your friends. Great results in reducing inflammation and rejuvenating yourself.
Mike Catellier
Mike C.
18:57 19 Aug 18
Went to see what it was all about. Professional staff explained everything. Has cryogenic and massage therapy. Looks like it will be worth a visit.
Jeffrey Aussicker
Jeffrey A.
19:06 04 Aug 18
Great Experience!!! and Great knowledgeable friendly staff. I workout alot and to be able to go there and receive the therapy treatments does wonders for me physically as well as menmenta. I highly recommend it to everyone!!!
DJ king
22:41 03 Aug 18
Loved it it was very very very nice to go to the staff was extremely helpful and friendly I will return very very cool
Will Barry
Will B.
15:42 03 Aug 18
Excellent facility and services. Having been through many sports accidents as well as a serious motorcycle accident cryotherapy has done wonders for my pain levels. Also the infrared sauna has been helpful as has the normatec recovery system. Whether you’re doing it for wellness or recovery ICryo has a full suite of recovery applications to assist you along the way. As a physiologist I must also refute an obviously slighted review by Andy Cozzens. He states that after leaving a freeze chamber his knee hurt worse....I absolutely refute that claim as impossible. If his knee hurt more it was not due to a cryotherapy chamber. Beyond that comment if you read his review he is obviously affiliated with ICryo’s local competitor Cryo Latham. I’ve been a trainer for 17 years with 2 degrees in Physiology....I’ll leave my review with that.
Eileen Welch
Eileen W.
14:32 03 Aug 18
I love iCryo and can't say enough about the benefits I've experienced from going there. The staff is extremely friendly, well trained and knowledgeable. The facility itself is clean and extremely well run. I have a lot of inflammation and muscle issues and I have noticed a huge difference after going here. Can't recommend this place enough!
Steve D'Amico
Steve D.
14:12 03 Aug 18
I really enjoy going for both the cryo and compression therapy. Great for inflammation and just refreshing overall. Staff is great and makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Try it out and you'll be hooked!
Zage Vote
Zage V.
21:13 27 Jul 18
This place is pretty chill. The counter is right in front of you as soon as you walk in the door. You can get full body freezes which has 3 levels of intensity, a facial freeze/specific area, which gets even colder than the full body, the have an inferred sanua, compression massages, and an actual massage therapist there too.
Anthony Murray
Anthony M.
21:56 20 Jun 18
iCryo is the best for recovery. I walked in with stiff legs and hips. The freeze and squeeze fixed me up. 30 mins and I feel amazing.
Joshua Beach
Joshua B.
20:27 25 Apr 18
The staff is incredibly attentive to detail and made sure I understood how everything worked and what the potential benefits would be. I highly recommend I cryo to anyone looking to take better care of themselves.
Robert Cowan
Robert C.
19:33 25 Apr 18
The friendly staff, the iCryo and the infrared therapy will really make your day! I highly recommend trying this out, chances are you will be back again and again.
Michael Whiteside
Michael W.
16:46 19 Apr 18
Great experience at iCryo. Justin and his staff were welcoming and informative. The whole body freeze was intense for 2 of 3 minutes. I felt really refreshed and energized afterwards. I had a poor night of sleep last night and this went a long way to clear out the cobwebs. After the Cryo session, I chose 30 minutes of upper extremity compression therapy in a super comfy recliner. It felt so good, my legs were jealous, so I opted for an additional 30 minutes of lower extremity compression therapy. It felt really good on my sore muscles after a 90 minute workout late last night! Like a really good foam roll session without any of the effort and no pain. Next time I plan to try the hip/lowback/glute compression and the infrared sauna.