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You deserve to live life with less pain and stress. Stop suffering and see why over 150,000 people have joined iCRYO.

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We are on a mission to elevate the lives of humans around the world through health. Only one life is given to us, and it’s our responsibility to live it to the fullest.

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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Rated 4.8 of 5 | 10,000+ Reviews

Learn how Cryotherapy can change your life in just three minutes.

New Guests
2x - 4x per week is recommended

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Originally, Cryotherapy was invented for Rheumatoid Arthritis. After 40+ years and thousands of medical case studies, there are many more benefits of cold therapy.

Muscle and joint pain relief
Optimize sleep and recovery
Brain boost and mental stabilizer
Increase metabolism and burn calories
Regain your natural energy
Enhance your natural skin glow
New Guests
Service Time: 3 minutes

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Frequency: 2x -7x per week

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Cryotherapy Case Studies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cryotherapy FAQ

Cold af, ask someone for specifics later.

Cryotherapy promotes blood circulation that gives your cells the powerful push they need to nourish your skin. Your blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells, boosting collagen production and giving you that youthful glow.

Cryotherapy increases the feel-good hormone serotonin and decreases the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Thus, it may provide a safe and natural way of boosting mood and reducing stress symptoms.

Cryotherapy was initially invented to assist with arthritis. By reducing inflammation in the joints and muscles, allows you to live with much less pain. Many medical studies have been confirmed for Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Cryotherapy stimulates endorphins that interact with your brain, leaving you with a positive and energetic feeling. Your brain also gets an extra infusion of oxygen-rich blood that heightens your awareness and helps you feel more focused.

Do you have a specific question? Call an iCRYO Health Expert near you.

Rated 4.9 of 5

Cryotherapy Reviews

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iCRYO Health Solutions

Everything you need to start feeling better today and in the future.

Health Benefits + more!
Reduce Inflammation
Reduce Joint Pain
Reduce Muscle Soreness
Boost Immunity
Increase Natural Energy
Promote Restful Sleep
Improve Flexibility
Improve Cardiovascular System
Enhance Collagen Production
Optimize Brain Health
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Achieve full-body wellness with red and near-infrared light. Increase circulation and the synthesis of cellular energy. Optimize your body's natural healing powers.

Give your skin a natural glow
The TheraLight 360 uses light waves to β€œbathe” the body with therapeutic light, stimulating cell regeneration and enhancing tissue repair.
Relief from your daily stress
PBM uses near infrared light to stimulate the mitochondria in our cell. This process reverts the effect of Oxidative Stress.
Feel like yourself again
TheraLight 360 full-body light therapy has been clinically proven to reduce pain, inflammation, and deliver therapeutic effects.