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(CryoFacial, CryoToning Facial & Red Light Facial)

For many of us, Facials have become a “regular” part of our quest for beautiful, healthy skin!  And for those of us that have become “facial connoisseurs”, we know that not all facials are created equal!  Plus, it’s an expense in time and money!  There are actually 20 or more types of facials.

The Classic Facial, is also known as European facial.  The classic facial is the most basic type of facial, includes steaming of the face, exfoliation, extractions, massaging, maybe some masks, and then the application of serums and moisturizers.  Some others to mention….

  • Lymphatic Massage Facial. …(Which is included in a Cryotoning Facial)
  • Microcurrent Facial. …using AC electricity
  • Galvanic Facial. …using currents and expensive products
  • High-Frequency Facial. …w/ radio frequencies
  • Microdermabrasion. …Device w/crystal or diamond tips that removes skin layers
  • LED Light Therapy. …(Which we offer)
  • Laser Resurfacing…uses microscopic wound to resurface the skin
  • Acupuncture Facial w/Needles to stimulate growth.
  • Brightening Facial that targets pigmentation

We offer a Novel new methodology that is quite affordable, very pleasant and works Fast!  First off, you are treated like a VIP Rockstar client just like any other beauty salon experience.  We discuss you focus areas beforehand and consider everything while conducting the facial.

The Cryo Facial

It’s time to make way for a Cryo Facial!  This is a process that involves a very specific pattern and procedure for delivering liquid nitrogen from a wand that never actually touches your skin.  Yes…it’s cold air!  And, yes…it feels amazing! It literally takes 12 minutes and the benefits are many: Triggers the natural production of collagen, improvement of various skin conditions like Acne or Psoriasis, relief from migraines and/or neck pain, relaxation, and a temporary feeling of having a face lift! Not to mention the affordability factor and the safety in frequency.  You can have a Cryo Facial 3-4 times a week if you’d like!  You can even do while wearing make-up prior to a night out!  Bottom line, the Cryo Facial is a wonderful experience, with amazing skin benefits and it is also very affordable and convenient to get done.

Cryoskin Toning

Bring on the Cryoskin Toning Facial!  This truly is a facelift without surgery.   The Cryoskin Toning facial is completely Non-Invasive and delivers results comparable and better than all other types of facials.  There is no pain, no side effects, no downtime…just pure pleasure with amazing results!  The best part is there is no applying ten different products on top of your skin where you need to worry about sensitivity, reaction and future toxicity issues.  A clear gel is applied to your skin and a small wand basically “irons out” the wrinkles and fine lines along with a soothing and stimulating lymphatic facial massage.  Yes…it’s cool but it is also soothing and yes…It feels amazing!  While the wand is doing its’ job to smooth and tighten your skin, the specialist hands are following the wand “massaging” your face and neck to make it the most enjoyable and relaxing way to beautify your skin.  The wand is temperature controlled and the specialists’ hands are warm, so it’s like a cold/warm experience.  The process is such that the cold temperature causes vasodilation in the blood vessels (widening of the blood vessel) in the face. This extra blood flow & cold temps trigger collagen production reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It also reduces pore size and improves the elasticity of the skin.  For most customers results are seen immediately.  Results are shown to lasts 4-5 weeks after treatment ends.  Natural results require continued maintenance.  The best part is that no one is trying to talk you into topical products that cost a lot and you’re not sure they even work!

LED Light Therapy

In addition to the Cryo Facial and Cryoskin toning facial we also offer PhotoBioModulation which incorporates Red, Green and Infrared LED lights into a restorative 12-minute session.  This time though we are offering these same benefits from head to toe.  Our machine has the exact dose of power our skin needs to produce the desired result in just 10-12 minutes.  The LED light operates best at a wavelength of 633 (Red Light), 532 (Green Light) and these lights can reach the deepest layers of the skin, the dermis layers.  When it reaches the dermis layers, it gives our cells a boost that stimulates a response from the body to use the light. Therefore, giving a boost to the rejuvenation process through increased blood flow, collagen stimulation, detoxification process and much more.  We also include near infrared LED light which helps to emulsify fat and remove toxins.

Red Light Triggers great things in our bodies

Collagen is human protein made by fibroblast cells in the dermis layer of the skin. It is responsible for the optical tightness, elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Research proves that during the ageing process the skin loses its ability to produce collagen. As a consequence, lines and fine wrinkles appear.

Red LED Light renews the Body by:

  1. Triggering Collagen & elastin fibers leading to a brightening effect And is Anti-ageing as it diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Accelerates wound healing and tissue repair as the red light penetrates the skin and increases the rate of cellular regeneration, reconstructs fibroblasts, keratinocytes and modulation of immune cells. 
  3. Release of the happy hormone due to the light exposure, your body boosts the production of the hormone Serotonin. 
  4. Reduce Cellulite Red light collagenic light treatments increases the oxygenation, detoxification and blood circulation process. This series of actions reduces cellulite fat deposits. 

The Green Light Effects

Green light helps restore unwanted pigmentation problems, brown spots or freckles.  They have many causes and can occur in all types of skin.   The Green LED target melanocytes, melanin-producing cells located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis. It inhibits the production of excess melanin, prevents it from travelling to the skin’s surface, and breaks up melanin clusters to lessen existing discoloration.

As a result, dark spots on your skin slightly fade away and your skin will get a more even skin tone. Green LED Light also has a sterilizing function and increases cell growth, enabling your skin to repair wounds easier. Green LED keeps your skin smooth, healthy and bright.

Green light provides results like these:

  • Lighter and smoother skin
  • Decreases spider veins and rosacea
  • Reduction of hyperpigmentation and age spots
  • Relieves pain

In addition to these facial remedies at iCRYO Port St Lucie we also have multiple remedies to support better circulation, detoxification and greater overall health.  Thus, ultimately also improving your skin and facial goals.  Stop in when convenient we will make sure it worth your time and effort.